Founded in 1997, Ying E Chi is a non-profit arts organisation which was established by a group of Hong Kong independent filmmakers. Our mission is to unite local independent filmmakers, as well as to distribute and promote independent films. In 2011, branch in Macau was founded to strengthen the cooperation between independent filmmakers in the two cities.

Local film productions are dominated by commercial hegemony. Many of the mainstream productions are market oriented, lacking in reflection and critique on status quo. Thus, we emphasise independent spirit, in which creativity comes first, and we are intended to discover productions with greater artistic and social value. Over the past few years, there are many constraints on independent production and distribution. We will keep exploring more channels for independent films to connect with general audience as we head towards our 20th anniversary.

Since 1999 Ying E Chi has been releasing VCDs and DVDs of Hong Kong independent films. It includes feature films, documentaries and collections of short films which cover different topics and vividly reflect the creativity and energy of local independent films. Our Vimeo online channel was launched in 2017, so that more people can reach our distributed independent films.

We have been running screenings, talks and workshops in various cinemas, universities, cultural and community venues in Hong Kong and Macau. Since 2010, 'Club YEC' free screenings and exchange activities have been held irregularly, so as to enhance face-to-face interaction and exchange between audience and filmmakers.

Films distributed by Ying E Chi had participated in various local and overseas film festivals over the years. In recent years, works of our young independent film directors are invited by film festivals abroad. Likewise, we collaborate with foreign curators in upholding thematic screening programs from time to time, in the interest of endorsing local independent works to overseas audience.